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Writing Groups

Writing groups, consisting of three to five peers, meet regularly to discuss challenges and successes.They

  • enhance motivation and productivity,
  • resemble structured meetings, not casual gatherings, and are based on a clear agreement to ensure consistent attendance, and
  • foster accountability and peer feedback, driving dissertation progress.

Teresa Pancritius, a member of one of the writing groups created through the Writing Center, wrote about her experience in an article (.pdf, 593 kB) in the Münchner Merkur (in German). Her group is in agreement: They all profit from their meetings far away from their lonely work desks!

Writing Groups for Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates can opt for writing groups or writing tandems. Tandems may set specific deadlines to enhance commitment to their dissertations. Additional opportunities for doctoral candidates are available at the Graduate Center.

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Writing Groups for Students

Joining a writing group with peers facing similar challenges is highly recommended during thesis writing. These groups provide support, feedback, and accountability, aiding in overcoming writing obstacles and making progress.

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