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Schreibzentrum Logo (quadratisch Schwarz)The Writing Center ("Schreibzentrum") at the Faculty of Languages and Literature was founded in January 2015 as part of the project "Lehre@LMU" with the aim of combining the individual tutoring programs that had already been established by some of the departments.

The focus of our activities is placed on the multi-layered processes of academic writing, always with reference to recent research on the writing process. Our Writing Fellows and student Peer Tutors support students of all semesters and at all stages of writing, help them engage critically with their writing and develop their skills—crucial both for their studies and professional life. We dedicate entire "Writing Days" to specific issues in academic writing and organize lectures and workshops addressing topics such as research strategies or overcoming writer’s block.

Throughout the lecture period the Writing Center offers workshops on Friday afternoon, inviting undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students to learn more about one of the many aspects of academic writing. Annually in March, we organize the Long Night of Procrastinated Papers, to which we welcome more than 300 students from across all LMU faculties.

Susanne Meisch and Tina Werner-Werhahn head the Writing Center and the team, made up of trained peer-tutors. The Dean of Faculty 13, the founder of the Writing Center, and the board, constituted of the directors of the three departments of Faculty 13, support its activities and efforts. Associates ("assoziierte Mitglieder") from all three departments of Faculty 13 contribute to the Writing Center and have been trained or are in training through the LMU tutor training program "TutorPlus." Since its inception, the Writing Center has been growing in demand and achieved recognition beyond Faculty 13. The expertise of the writing-intensive humanities is visible in the core of academic work across LMU.