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SLK: Introduction to Academic Writing

The first term paper looms in the distance – what to do? Academic thinking and writing are often seen as prerequisites for seminars, which focus on the subject matter, but not on how to write about it. This tutorial teaches planning, writing and argument techniques that are applicable in all subject areas and that will prove helpful to students constructing their first (or even second) term paper.

The course covers all the steps of writing an entire term paper: Finding a topic and source research, outline and bibliography, the writing process and editing.

The best part: You will not work through the contents of a term paper theoretically, but rather will apply the knowledge to an assigned term paper for the current semester.

In case you have SLK as a minor subject, you can take this tutorial for 3 ECTS.


  • You are enrolled in a course that requires you to write your first or second term paper
  • Attendance for all meetings
  • Active participation; Preparation and Completion of any reading, writing and research assignments
  • Completion of two E-Learning units
  • An individual writing consultation in the Writing Center
  • For SLK: Course completion requires turning in a portfolio consisting of texts and drafts which have been completed during the course of the semester.

Course Meetings



  • Linda Jessen, B.A.
  • Lisa Hafenbradl
Note: This course will be led in German, so participants should have a more advanced command of the language to best benefit from this course.


This course will be held in German! Registration for this course is available via the Sign-Up Form or LSF from September 30, 2022, to October 10, 2022. You will be notified by April 21, 2022, whether you have received a place.