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In-Class Workshops

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The idea: teachers invite peer-tutors of the Writing Center for one or more sessions to hold workshops on different topics. You can choose from our previous events on which topic you would like us to work on with your class and then write us an e-mail to schreibzentrum@lrz.uni-muenchen.de. Please also include your preferred date.

Currently the following topics are available for in-class-workshops:

Managing the writing process

  • "Time Management"
  • "Planning and Organizing Academic Papers"
  • "Overcoming Writer's Block"

Structure of a Paper

  • "Introduction and Conclusion"
  • "Golden Thread and Guiding the Reader"
  • "Structure and Guiding the Reader"
  • "Papers—Structure and Outline"
  • "Structural and rhetorical continuity"

 Dealing with Literature

  • "Finding and Analyzing Sources"
  • "Working With Different Types of Sources"
  • "Seven Strategies to Deal with Difficult Sources"
  • "Quoting and Chicago Style"
  • "MLA-Style"

International Students

  • "Introduction to Academic Writing and Papers for Students of German as a Foreign Language"
  • "German as Second Foreign Language"
  • "Making it Pretty—the Other Side of English Academic Writing"
  • "Elements of Academic Style"
  • "Academic Writing in English—Avoiding Common Mistakes"
  • "Aspects of the Academic Thesis"

The First Paper

  • "The First Paper—Academic Writing at the Beginning of the Studies"

Final Thesis

  • "How to—Bachelor's Thesis"

Tips and Tricks

  • "Academic Texts in Word"

Giving a Presentation

  • "Advice for a Successful Presentation"
  • "How to—Presentation"

Information and Consultation

We promote the program of the workshops and our other offers on the website of the LMU Writing Center and on posters and flyers. If you want to support our efforts to make students aware of our offers and improve their writing skills we gladly provide you with posters, flyers, etc. Further, we consult you with pleasure on how to integrate writing into teaching. Just send us an e-mail to schreibzentrum@lrz.uni-muenchen.de.

Due to limited capacity, we have to check the availability of tutors for every application. We will get back to you!