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Nicolle Faver, B.A.

Studies: Master in English Studies; previously studied creative writing at Brooklyn College and the City College of New York

Focus: English idiomatic language, term papers, BA and MA theses, creative writing,
My writing tip: Don’t be too put off by your own writing mistakes. You need to be able to not only make the bad stuff, but also to treat it kindly, so that you can improve it.

Lisa Hafenbradl

Studies: North American Studies

Focus: Academic writing in English, Literary Studies, finding a subject, structure
Writing Tip: Don’t lose your thread during the writing process and leave enough time at the end, so someone else can read through your paper and give you feedback.

Tabea Hawkins

Studies: German, English, and Philosophy (to become a teacher)

Focus: Creative writing, consultations in English
My advice: Before you start any writing or reading, sit down and write down all of your questions, observations, and suspicions. It will help you to decide what to research and not to lose track of them during the process.

Sophia Hermann

Sophia Hermann, M.A.

Studies: Master in Scandinavian Studies

Focus: Introduction and conclusion, structure and outline, writing the first paper
My advice: Be careful to have a thought-through structure of the research and writing process, stay true to your style, and don't let others drive you crazy.

Linda Jessen

Linda Jessen, B.A.

Studies: Master German as a Foreign Language

Focus: expression, the first paper, journalistic writing, golden thread
My advice: Step by step you'll also reach your goal. A sound structure helps you divide your work in smaller pieces.
Additional qualification: Writing Fellow

Swantje Kuckert, B.A.

Studies: Master's in Philosophy

Focus: text structure, argumentation, and ways of working
Writing Tip: A well structured scientific text already starts in the table of contents!

Mark Olival-Bartley

Mark Olival-Bartley, M.A.

Studies: Ph.D. in American Literature; before Master degree in English didatics at Hawaii Pacific University

Focus: all kind of theses, counselling of doctoral candidates, presentations, support with applications, ceative writing
My advice: What makes good writing great is the dedicated and thoughtful application of revision.