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Writing Fellows

Those who have finished the peer tutor-training can continue their education to become a Writing Fellow.

Ideally, the Writing Fellow-training should be started after the successful conclusion of the peer tutor-training. Writing Fellows are writing tutors who support lecturers in selected courses if they chose to include more writing exercises for the students. This way, writing can be used as a tool to convey the course’s content, help students establish a routine for their writing process, and teach subject-specific writing.

Upcoming dates for the training course:

October 13, 2021, 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

Training Content and Structure

  • Module 1: training course
  • Module 2: Writing-didactical support during a course

After attending (and actively participating in) the training course for Writing Fellows you will support a course from the faculty financing your education. Both, the course’s lecturer and the attending Writing Fellow, are responsible for a successful cooperation between the two parties.


After the successful conclusion of your first course, you will receive a certificate for the Writing-Fellow-Training that will include a list of everything you did during the training.

Training Costs

The costs for your training will be financed by the faculty on which you are studying. The responsible person can request a detailed statement of cost. If you are interested in the training but do not know whom to talk to on your faculty, contact us!