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Change of Staff in the Writing Center

We say goodbye to Dr. Bärbel Harju and welcome Dr. Daniel Graziadei as the new head of the Writing Center!


We thank Dr. Bärbel Bärbel HarjuHarju for the successful establishing of the Writing Center at LMU, as well as the dedicated, creative, and hearty administration of the Writing Center! We wish her the best of luck and success on her life's journey!

Daniel GraziadeiDr. Daniel Graziadei will take over the administration of the Writing Center. He is literary scholar, literary translator and poet. After his formal education in South Tirol and England, and his studies of General and Comparative Studies of English and Spanish Literature at LMU, he did his doctorate on contemporary Carribean literature, and is currently habilitating on literary misunderstandings. As an associate of the Institute of Romantic Studies he, above all, holds seminars on French and Spanish literature, and in the master's program Literary Translation on translation from Italian. From fall 2016 to summer 2019 he was an associated member of the Writing Center at LMU and has initiated the successful and semester accompanying course "Kreativ Schreiben!".

Dr. Daniel Graziadei is happy to take over from Bärbel Harju such as lively, multi-faceted and well-functioning Center, that, with its focus on writing, strengthens one of the fundamental competences of the Faculty of Language and Literature, makes it more visibible, and offers all students and faculty at LMU to profit from its diverse offers—from individual writing consulation to In-Class Workshops.