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Methods: Writing in Teaching

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As part of our multiplication project "Integrating Writing Into Teaching" we are developing a collection of methods to support teachers with the integration of writing projects into their regular classes.

Download: Collection of methods in German (PDF, 13kB).

The Idea

Writing is imperative for academic success and writing expertise is often required in classes focusing on specialized knowledge in the disciplines. However, academic writing is a demanding task based on a complex process and many students are not exactly sure about the expectations of the teacher concerning the writing assignment that is to be done. A lack of practice makes the task even harder.

The integration of writing into teaching as a tool to think and learn not only enhances the students' development of the discipline's specific writing expertise, but also lends a hand in the consolidation of the class' contents—and as a result leads to better papers. By creating frequent occasions to write, the opportunity to receive feedback, and short, ungraded writing assignments students become more confident concerning their writing skills and secure about the techniques of academic thinking and writing.

Teachers that want to increasingly include writing assignments in their classes will be supported not only with a collection of methods (coming soon...) but also by the Writing Fellow Program and our in-class workshops.