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Workshop on Journalism

Introduction to the ultimate discipline, journalism, through examples, exercises in language, structure and research, reflection on both current and timeless topics. Participants create their own practice report to be discussed as a group.

The instructor is Dr. Ursula Kals from the Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung.

Those interested should be prepared to write a coverage piece that will be published on the Writing Center website (or in a university newspaper). Details about this will be addressed by the instructor.

The next workshop will be held from October 4 to October 8, 2021. For more information, please check out our German website.


Feedback from Marion Halbach about this workshop, Winter Semester 2016/17 (translated):

"I was one of the happiest participants of the reporting course with Dr. Kals. I would like to thank the Writing Center from the bottom of my heart for offering this workshop. This workshop has brought me a few steps closer to my goal of becoming a journalist. Through this workshop I was offered an internship with the F.A.Z. and created a high-quality writing sample, which is expected to be published in Spiegel Online. I truly hope that interested students also have the opportunity to also take part in the Writing Center’s journalism courses like this one in the future. After all, every praxis-oriented experience counts on an application." (Photo: © F.A.Z.; Wolfgang Eilmes)