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EUGLOH: Writing Global Health


Writing Global Health is a virtual workshop series that aims to narrate, communicate and disseminate global health science and research on a global scale. We build this scale with our workshop participants through both a sensitization towards multiple modes and media and a critical assessment of what works, when and where. Drawing on research and scientific exchanges within the EUGLOH European University project, we ground these workshops in the core literary traditions of storytelling and creative writing, while extending these ideas into the realm of scientific popularization. We welcome projects of all sizes and ambitions, as we explore possibilities of communicating your work within EUGLOH (and your individual research on global health) to a broader public.


  • Dates: 
    • May 25, 14-15h
    • May 28, 14-18h
    • June 4, 14-15h
    • June 8, 14-15h
    • June 15, 14-15h
    • June 22, tbd (individual presentations)
    • June 25, 14-16h
  • Platform: provided upon registration
  • Supervisors: Dr. Daniel Graziadei (LMU Munich), Divya Madhavan (CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay)
  • Registration: via our registration form until May 20, 2020


  • May 25: Preparatory Phase
  • May 28: Kick-Off Meeting
  • June 4: Popularization exercise
  • June 8 and 11: Individual online work
  • June 15 and 18: Online work in small groups
  • June 22: Online presentation of favorite element
  • June 25: Dissemination, application of new skills
  • July 14: Evaluation


Please apply via our registration form until May 20, 2020. We will collect the applications and will inform you shortly about the status of your application. Participants will be admitted proportionately from the five EUGLOH universities and according to the principle of "first come, first served."


This workshop is part of the EUGLOH program (WP6). It will be led by the LMU Writing Center in cooperation with the Academic Writing Center at Centrale Supélec.