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Daniel Graziadei

Daniel Graziadei

Head of the Writing Center

Further Information

Daniel Graziadei came in contact with creative writing centers already during his school years. While studying, he visited the Open Writing Workshop of the comparative studies at LMU. After a budget cut on a student basis, he led the Workshop on a voluntary and democratic basis. He wrote his master's thesis on Neoavantgards in the Americas (McOndo, el grupo del Crack und AvantPop), and his doctoral thesis on contemporary Carribean literature (English, Spanish, and French). Currently, he is working on literary misunderstandings. He is a founding member of the international research group of five called Island Poetics that is writing a monography. Apart from his academic work Daniel Graziadei is poet, blogger, and performance-poet for the Schreibmaschine (http://www.danwillschreiben.de/)